Land Air Sea Train Transportation
Edexx; It offers partial and complete vehicle transportation services in 3 continents with its young fleet. It develops fast, high quality and reliable transportation solutions with its wide service network, widespread and strong agencies, operational expertise, customer and solution-oriented service approach. It offers special solutions for many sectors from textile to automotive, from construction to retail.

Edexx expertise solves all your logistics needs from A to Z with customs clearance and insurance services, cross transport models, 3rd country transports, internal transport services.

Some Services We Offer;
Complete and partial transportation services to all countries, especially Russia, U.S.A. and Eastern Europe.
Customs clearance of full and partial loads in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.
Global and local scale out-of-gauge cargo transportation services.
Cross-carriage models across all European, Asian and C.S. geographies.
Duty-free in Kazakhstan, and both duty-free and bonded warehousing services in Turkey and Georgia.
Internal transport (inland transport) services in Russia and Kazakhstan.
It offers intercontinental transportation models thanks to its expert staff, wide agency network and agreements with shipowners all over the world.

Air transportation stands out as the fastest transportation method offered today. Edexx works with the principle of providing the most ideal solution for all transportation needs of its customers. In this context, it offers the best quality and cost-effective solutions for the solutions that its customers need in air transportation.

With the agreements it has made with leading airline companies, Edexx transports your cargo to every point of the world quickly and safely.

Some Services We Offer;
Airport to airport transportation
Cross transport options
Customs clearance, packaging and insurance services
Scheduled or charter services
Wide agency network with IATA license
Door-to-door and port-to-port air freight services to all parts of the world

Today, most of the world trade is carried out by sea transportation. In order to respond to this need, it also produces rational solutions in maritime transportation.
It offers intercontinental transportation models thanks to its expert staff, wide agency network and agreements with shipowners all over the world.

Some Services We Offer;
Cross-booking services with containers in NVOCC status
International agency network
FCL/LCL container handling services
Port operations and cargo securing services (Lashing)
Local and international customs clearance services
Bonded / Duty-free warehouse services
container storage services

-Rail transportation solutions bring many advantages to companies in terms of cost and transit time. E-dexx is one of the few logistics companies that offers efficient rail transport in Turkey. It offers the advantages of rail transportation to all its customers with its expert staff.

E-dexx develops closed, open and special type wagon transportation solutions on European and Asian railway lines with the agreements it has made through authorized agencies, and carries out special project transportations for its customers.

Some Services We Offer;
Effective use of European and Asian railway lines,
Container transportation and delivery services with platform wagons,
Wide agency network,
Multiple load handling options at once,
Cross country transportation options based in Kazakhstan,
International customs clearance services