Intermodal transport

Intermodal transportation is the method of transporting the cargo to more than one point with more than one transportation model without any action on the cargo while changing the modes of transportation. It is preferred mostly because of its ecological benefits.

Within the scope of intermodal transportation, special trailers are used that allow the products to pass directly from one transportation model to another without the need to remove them from the trailer. In addition, since the ceiling heights of the blocks called Swap Body are adjustable, it also allows for the highest level of loading. The system, which presents a program and route with fine details along with the trains dedicated to the transportation business in question, provides convenience in terms of tracking with the coexistence of the wagons.

The system, which offers the advantage of regular loading, transportation and unloading, manages to significantly reduce material costs, especially in long-term agreements, with the advantage of fixed prices. Since it is minimally affected by adverse weather conditions compared to other transportation systems that can be used, it provides a high level of reliability compared to the highway, which can be described as the busiest transportation route.